Seamless Bone Combs

Prevent Cruelty to Hair!

Great hair days start here

Our mission is to prevent cruelty to hair by offering everyone the best and most technologically advanced styling tools available for your hair care. There is no excuse for a “bad hair day”. Please enjoy superior tools from the professional beauty industry now available for everyone.

Salon Accessories, Inc. (d.b.a. Hairsense) has been in business 40 years. Our professional hair brushes and bone combs are manufactured under the highest quality control standards. The wood used in producing our brushes is from sustainable and prepared according to strict environmental guidelines. Whenever possible we use recycled office and packing materials.

Our professional hair brushes and bone combs (seamless wood resin combs) are designed to be used daily non-stop in the professional salon industry. Our brushes and bone combs cannot be compared to those one would purchase in a convenience, grocery or drug store. Products arrive directly from established factories to our warehouse. Please shop with confidence. All hairbrushes and combs are hand-finished and personally inspected to offer you many years of utility and a life of healthy, beautiful hair.

Seemless Combs protect my natural hair.

Seamless Bone Combs

Each comb is hand-crafted from 100% organic resins. All comb teeth, handles and tails are seamless to allow smooth combing and styling. The combs are anti-static and heat-resistant. Our bone combs are the gateway to beautiful and happy hair.

Seamless Bone Combs

Mayra Conner- founder

Why Hairsense?

Hairsense is your source for preferred professional seamless bone combs, select hard to find professional brushes and DoTerra essential oils. My 40+ years as entrepreneur has been about designing, sourcing and sharing exceptional beauty and wellness products for your ideal lifestyle.